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Tverstroymash: where history comes alive

Transportation of military equipment for the historical parade on red square was orgnazied on semitrailers "Tverstroymash".


Semitrailers Tverstroymash and World cup 2018

Carcass for new stadium in Kaliningrad were sent to the building location on semitrailers Tverstroymash with extendable platform.

Manufacturer of semitrailers and trailers for heavy cargos

Tverstroymash is a great specialist in production of trailers and semitrailers. We offer low-bed semitrailers, extendable semitrailers, semitrailers with detachable gooseneck, off-road semitrailers, container semitrailers, trailers, flatbed semitrailers, low-bed trailers, off-road trailers and tipper trailers.

Our advantages

We prepare each heavy-duty semitrailer in accordance with your wishes for the effective solution of your transportation tasks. Sometimes we make changes in main design for this. We set fair prices and provide reliability and low cost of ownership for our semitrailers and trailers. Semitrailers Tverstroymash equipped chassis in a rugged execution, they prepared for use especially in Russia. Modern electronic braking system is included in the basic package of our trailers. Each semitrailer Tverstroymash equipped with anti-lock braking system.

Quality service

Service Tverstroymash includes not after-sales service only. We do repairs and re-equipment of semitrailers and trailers of all types. In addition, we offer a huge number of items of spare parts.

Our geography

You can buy semitrailer Tverstroymash in Tver, Moscow or on stocks of our partners in different regions. Your purchase can be delivered by road or rail, according to your wishes.

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